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About Raku...
Raku is a method of firing pottery in which the piece is placed in a heated kiln, removed when it is red hot and placed directly into a container filled with combustible materials. These materials burn, creating carbon that affects the clay and glazes in various ways.

The raku of Rick Foris is hand thrown and constructed solely by him. He fires to approximately 1750 degrees and reduces heavily in sawdust. Often he uses a white crackle glaze, though other glazes may be employed with some pieces.

The rapid temperature change when the piece is removed from the kiln causes the white crackle glaze to fracture on the surface. The burning of the combustibles fills the cracks with carbon and blackens that part of the pot.

Following the firing process, unglazed areas are painted with artist’s acrylics using a dry brush technique. Some areas may be masked off before more color is applied. When the mask is removed, the colors underneath are revealed. These many layers of paint give the works their rich depth and uniqueness.

“My work reflects many influences, though none consciously. This maintains an element of mystery in both the shapes of the vessels and the impact of the surface. My designs suggest other cultures and languages but are purely of my own fabrication. This leaves my work open to interpretation by the viewer, who sees what they want to see rather than what I want them to see.

The combination of traditional raku firing with the brilliance of acrylic paint melds a sense of timelessness with contemporary thought.”

Rick attained his Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. He works out of a studio behind his home and is an avid fly fisherman.

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